Things to know -

  1. Set up an appointment to discuss your business needs and find out which services work best for you.  Call Patty @ 301-373-3253 or email to arrange for a tour. 

  2. Every individual or group interested in operating at The Depot @ 5 South must be a separate business entity.  You are responsible for acquiring all necessary permits from the county, city, and/or state regarding food safety, licensing, taxes, etc, based on your business needs.  Most common are:

    • Business Tax License – The Depot @ 5 South requires proof of business license.

    • Health Permit – You are required to have a health permit–either county or state.

    • St. Marys County Health Department commissary or base of operation authorization form.

  3. Every member/user serving to the public must attain $1M liability insurance with The Depot @ 5 South listed as additional insured. It is also required that “Damage to Rented Premises” on your policy equal $1M coverage as well.

  4. Members/users should have certification in the safe handling of food.


Rates -

At The Depot @ 5 South, we offer various rental rates both a la carte and in packages that will cater to your business needs.  Please email us to find out current rates.


Deposits -


Every client will be required to pay a security deposit prior to using the facility. The security deposit will be equivalent to the total in services you will be using.

Agreement -


All members/users shall sign a rental agreement with The Depot at 5 South detailing the purchased services and deposit requirements.

For pricing and to schedule a tour call Patty @ 301-373-3253 or email

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